Are you looking for an alternative to a “Truth or Dare” teen game? Whatever you want you are in the right place.

You will spin the wheel to receive a group of tasks (a category) and than the game will randomly pick a task for you from that category.
You need at least 2 players to play this game. There is no upper limit so you are free to invite as many friends as you like.

Party Wheel Game is safe to be played by teenagers. It contains 12 predefined categories.
– 3 truth categories: easy, normal, crazy;
– 3 dare categories: easy, normal, crazy;
– Jokes: tell a joke about …;
– Rhymes: tell us X words that rhyme with …
– Sing: sing a song that have ‘…’ in the lyrics;
– Animals: Act like a … for X seconds
– Celebrities: imitate a celebrity
– Joker: you do not have to do nothing

The main features of “Party Wheel” are:
– 12 preloaded categories;
– about 500 tasks;
– all tasks are fully customizable;
– you can add more tasks;
– lovely playing experience.

There is no need to search more, download it now for free and let the fun begin.

Have fun!

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