Do you have to plan a wedding, a party or any other event? This app may help you keep everything under control. It allows you to easily manage the guest list with details like gender, age, invitations, RSPV and attending. You can split bigger events like your wedding in smaller ones like bachelorette party, ceremony and reception. You can easily switch between events and also copy guests list from one to another.

You will not forget to take care of anything by using the TODO list in order to manage your tasks. The shopping list and the budget tool will help you to keep under control the spendings for your wedding / party / event.

Event Planner features a set of tools to help you plan and organize your wedding, party or any other event: guest list with invitations and RSVP, todo list, shopping list and budget planner. With Event Planner you can organize multiple events at the same time, from simple parties to more important events. This application is ad supported.

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